Chandelier Chandelier For Living Room Modern Chandelier For Hall Jhumar Light Zumar Ceiling Lamp' Wall Hanging Light

Contemporary Cream Color (S) Shape Modern Round Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Hanging Light Jhoomer for Living Room 6 led Light Decorative Pendant Lamp WIth Bulb .

7,499.00 Inclusive tax

Antque Cantemporary Luxary Chandelier Diamond Cut Top Grade K9 Glass Crystal Alloy Metal, Colour Black Gold Tube Stainless Round Bombo Shape Jhumar for Ceiling 3 Color L.E.D. Light Plate Avilable (500MM Meduim).

10,499.00 Inclusive tax
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Antque Cantemporary Luxary Chandelier Diamond Cut Top Grade K9 Glass Crystal 5 Tier Alloy Metal, Colour Black Gold Tube Stainless Round Bombo Shape Jhumar for Ceiling 3 Color L.E.D. Light Plate Avilable (600MM Large).

13,999.00 Inclusive tax

For premium decor of your home and elsewhere, Dreamy Designs presents K9 glass crystal and aluminum worked premium chandelier. Beautiful Island Lights for Chandelier You’ll surely love these pendant lights. These chandelier lights are very on-trend with lighted glass and a circular design. The matte black finish adds a bit of shine and doesn’t show dust as easily as other finishes. Elegant Living Room Ceiling Light Fixture This unique style crystal chandelier light is dazzling and beautiful home decoration. It is perfect and anyone who visits your home will fall in love with this trendy ceiling light. The ceiling lamps and chandeliers are so beautiful that they will give a whole new look to the place. It is made from high quality material so they last for a long time. It is beautiful in any way The light is with durable work with exquisite handmade glass Simple and modern design with switch Makes your home bright, clean and spacious, adds a lot of beauty.

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DREAMY DESIGNS Modern Crystal Chandeliers Black & Golden L.E.D. Lighting,, Contemporary 5-Tier K9 Crystal dining room light fixture.

Chandelier For Living Room Modern

  • You are welcome In our brand (DREAMY DESIGNS) we present you a modern type of standard chandelier.
  • which will give a new look to your home and light up your place we can call this chandelier 600 mm black gold this chandelier is very trendy way Crafted from and expertly the color of this chandelier is black and golden.
  • It has 5 tiers of crystal in which you can install crystals in it you have to install k9 glass crystals which are diamond shaped cuting glass crystals which are quite are more beautiful .
  • That when light falls on the crystal then the light spreads all around the chandelier is very strong and which will last for a long time its aluminum coating is very strong and durable.
  • dimensions of the chandelier its total height is 98cm And its width is 58cm. It can be easily installed at any place. You have to install this chandelier carefully. There are three types of lights in this chandelier, golden white and both can be operated simultaneously.
  • You can use this chandelier at home, kitchen, bedroom. , living room , kids room ,all , balcony and hotel , restaurant , café You can install the chandelier in showroom, mall etc. You have to keep it by protecting it from excessive load of water, electricity and sunlight so that it will last for a long time.
  • Room Type‎ – foyer, entryway, staircase, stairwell, kitchen, shop, dining room, living room, bedroom, master room.
  • Notice – Please check the size of the chandelier before ordering, just to ensure it is suitable for your room other Palace.
  • Please Note – that this chandelier requires self-assembly according to installation instruction. Although it needs patience to get it installed, it will be definitely worth it when you done.




k9 crystal


High-Quality Black & Rose Gold Frame


  • This Black Chandelier using high quality stainless steel, very stable construction, and not easy to get rusted,
  • Matte black and polished gold frame add a bit luxurious texture to your home


Modern K9 crystal of this chandelier


  • The crystal hanging light is using selected Top K9 Crystals, with superb cutting technology, they are different than others, and creates perfect lighting reflection, it will be eye-catching at your home


About the metal of the chandelier

It is made of aluminum and brass metal, it is made by modern and skilled craftsmen, its metal is very strong and durable, there is a lot of material in it, the shape of the chandelier is very good, you can buy it without any hesitation.

How is the lighting of this modern chandelier

3 Mode Light

The lighting of this modern chandelier looks very beautiful, this chandelier will make the place where it is installed, its light color is bright white and golden which is very good.





Golden Ceiling Cap


  • The hanging chain in this modern chandelier is very strong and durable, you can easily install it on your ceiling. It is a very strong chain. The color of this chain is golden. There is a hood over it, which serves to cover the chandelier. .


Chandelier Connectors Clips Pins


  • The bow crystal connectors pins are great parts for connecting crystal.
  • Good Quality: The main material of this product is durable metal brass without any rusting or fading.


L.E.D. Thali Avilable


  • There is no need of bulb in this chandelier. In this chandelier, you will get only LED plate . The color of its LED light will be golden, white, warm white in these three colors


The chandelier light fixture is suitable for dining room,living room,Kitchen Island ,bedroom,hotel,restaurant,office,hallway ,foyer chandelier.______


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 26 cm
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