This brand has been paying special attention to the quality of these products for a long time and even today it is making its products of high quality. This company`s dream is to spread its products everywhere and increase the production of glass. After all, what mischief is this dreamy designs made of glass creating? dreamy designs makes it

Dreamy designs sells home decor items, fashion products in glassware which are detailed below

Glass items – Glass bangles, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, luxury chandeliers, jars / bottles, all these products come under the category of glass. Items to decorate home or other beautiful place – Wall lamp, ceiling lamp, pendant lamp, modern chandelier in these category items are available

Fashion Items -You will find beautiful glass bangle sets, metal bangle sets in this category

Chandelier, Ceiling Lamp, Wall Lamp, Table Lamp

Our lighting business brings light to the world with advanced new technologies such as fluorescent lighting that are more effective, with less environmental injury and lower costs to manage than ever before. Our vision is to become one of the world’s leading lighting product suppliers, providing cost-effective lighting solutions that enhance our customers’ lifestyles. Dreamy Designs operates on the core principles of community values and a strong commitment to a clean environment. Lighting is one of the easiest, quickest, and most affordable ways to brighten and relax your indoor space. Most people are now upgrading their homes with lighting products, and millions of people are benefiting from them in department stores, hotels, offices, halls, guest rooms and customizable facilities. glass and bottle

Jars and bottles are mainly used in the kitchen. Jars for storing spices, beans, sugar, tea leaves, herbs, etc. You can store water, juices and oils in glass bottles. Drinks and food are safe

Glass & Metal Bangle Set –


This bangle is special for women and girls. Wear this fashion for shag. This bangle is very artistically made. Vibrant colors, zari and velvet add sparkle to make this a very attractive and beautiful bangle. We also have glass bangles, velvet bangles, metal bangles, zari bangles, nag bangles and design bangles. These women and girls wear it with great sadness. Women and girls can wear it on different occasions such as: B. For Festivals, Poojas, Parties, Celebrations, Weddings, Ring Ceremonies.

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